See All The People: Discipleship Begins with Relationship Teaching Series

This three-session video teaching series, featuring Rev. Junius B. Dotson and Rev. Jacob Armstrong as your instructors, aims to communicate the basic principles behind See All The People, a movement to help us understand what discipleship and evangelism mean in the 21st century.

This video teaching series includes three sessions, as well as discussion for each session. We will talk about whose job it is to make disciples, how to stop fixing churches, and how discipleship begins with relationship. If you have a voice inside of you that wants to help create a new DNA in your congregation, welcome, and let’s get started.

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What is #SeeAllthePeople?

For too long, The United Methodist Church has searched for a quick fix to help guide our discipleship efforts. We have been busy sending postcards, producing PowerPoint presentations and studying community demographics. While efforts like those may be important, they alone do not lead to disciple-making. The most essential step for making disciples of Jesus Christ is to immerse ourselves in the lives of the people who are right outside our doors, acknowledging that God calls us to have meaningful relationships in authentic, organic and consistent ways.

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See All the People Radio Series

What's New

On the Brühl | A Documentary

An Irish pastor living in Chemnitz, Germany, the heart of the neo-Nazi movement, helps transform a neighborhood and its people. The story of Rev. Barry Sloan will challenge you and make you question everything your church is doing to engage your community.

Inspired by a true story, “Sarah” looks at how discipleship begins with relationship. The film follows Sarah as she works a late night at a diner. A chance encounter with a customer turns out to be the push she needs to follow her dreams.

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Let's stop fixing churches ...

Discussion Starter | "Let Me Show You"

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Intentional Discipleship Systems

The intentional discipleship movement is already happening across the connection. More and more churches and leaders are recognizing that we must have a relentless focus on making and growing disciples, and move away from fixing churches.

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How Are You Engaging Your Community?

#SeeAllthePeopleEngagement involves initiating and building relationships. Engagement seeks to ensure that outreach and evangelism efforts become a vital part of an intentional system of  discipleship. 

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