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Intentional Discipleship: Conference Suggested System

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At the beginning of every journey, we must take the first step. Sometimes we know where we should go and that first step is easy to define. But when we do not know or are unsure, we can easily get distracted, discouraged or displaced. If we are fortunate, a guide comes alongside to help show us the way.

One of the most important journeys anyone can take is a journey with Jesus, but like any other journey, it can be confusing. We, the church, can either hope for the best or we can help to point out the way. We can offer a smorgasbord of opportunities, hoping that something will fill the needs and desires of the heart, or we can guide individuals to what will truly satisfy and cause growth.

The Road to Discipleship is an intentional plan that helps churches create a system of welcoming, building, and deepening discipleship. It centers on Wesley’s understanding of discipleship as a journey of grace and also sees discipleship holistically – a process made up of four equally necessary parts: Community (koinonia), Teaching/ Learning (didache), Proclamation/Transformation (kerygma) and Service (diakonia). As we map out the route, we help to point others in the right direction of discipleship.

Rev. Chris Kindle
Director of Discipleship and Spiritual Formation

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