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Intentional Discipleship: International

Disciples of Christ System

Manila Episcopal Area
by Rev. Magusig ‘John’ B. Manalo, Jr.

The UMC DOC (United Methodist Church, Disciples of Christ) is a primer created as an evangelistic/discipleship model to help pastors, deaconesses, and lay members in the Manila Episcopal Area with its 12 Annual Conferences consisting of 28 Districts.

In the DOC system, disciples participate in Evangelism, Discipleship, and CARE groups. Disciples share their faith, inviting others into a life with Christ. When a person accepts and receives Jesus Christ as Lord they are invited to join a CARE group. In these groups, the new disciples experience being loved, character development into Christlikeness, being equipped and empowered, and experiences of fellowship with other disciples. All disciples then go through a process of training and equipping in preparation for being a disciple-maker.

The model includes the following system: Evangelizing (one-on- one evangelism, open houses, CARE groups, CARE group network gatherings, worship), Enfolding (weekly CARE group meetings, daily devotion, prayer patters, Pre-Experience Seminar, 3-Day Experience Retreat, Post-Experience Seminar, Accountable Discipleship Class 1), Equipping (Accountable Discipleship Class 2, 3, and 4), and Empowering (commissioning of new CARE group leaders, Accountable Discipleship Class 5 and 6).

The UMC DOC model includes examples and directions for Personal daily devotions with journaling, Weekly CARE group meetings, Monthly Network Gathering of CARE groups, UMC Heartwarming Classes and Retreats, Accountable Discipleship Classes and Re-Experience Retreat, Membership Class for New Believers and Old Members (as a review), and Lay Servant Ministry / Lay Speakers’ Seminars.

Rev. Magusig ‘John’ B. Manalo, Jr.
Director for Connectional Ministries, UMC DOC (Disciples of Christ), Manila Episcopal Area of the Philippines Central Conference

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