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Intentional Discipleship System: The Journey

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Every person has a unique faith journey. You may have started yours as a child, or you may have started later in life. Some of us might still be searching. What matters is that you have started the journey. Think of this journey as your path of discipleship; Christ United is here to help you navigate your path.

Here at Christ United, we believe that God calls each of us to live a faithful life. Our call on this faith journey is to grow closer in our relationship with God and with each other. But just as we are all created uniquely, so, too, we are created with unique interests and passions. We refer to these passions as “pathways.” The Journey helps you grow deeper in your relationship with Christ by initially emphasizing a pathway on which you have a natural attraction.


There are many different pathways that make up your journey. Think of a pathway as specific actions that help you grow. Some people might be naturally attracted to serving, while others enjoy learning about scripture or having theological discussions with others. Some of us are social people who find joy in being a part of a group gathering, or maybe experiencing the power of silent prayer and meditation is more your style.

Most likely, it is a combination of few different pathways that make up your full journey map.

First Step

The first step is pinpointing where you are on each of these pathways. Our pathway assessments are 9-12 questions long, and designed for you to spend time reflecting on your spiritual life. Be honest with yourself. Your results will tell you where you are based on four stages:

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