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Intentional Discipleship System: Tonganoxie United Methodist Church

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Potential climbers are those of us exploring who God is and what the Church is all about. This is the stage of curiosity and exploration. We’re asking the big why and how questions. We’re seeking purpose.

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Climbers on the slope can be newcomers who have chosen to embark on the climb for the first time, or we can be long-time climbers who value re-learning some of the basic tenets and tools of the Christian faith. Climbers on the slope have found value and meaning in worship. We may or may not be ready to fully commit yet, but we’re beginning to sense that this “God stuff” just might be the real deal. We’re seeking more.

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Climbers on the crag know just how important it is to hold tightly to what we have learned and experienced thus far; we can identify how God and Christian community is continuing to shape and mold the kind of climbers we’re becoming. Climbers on the crag have a sense of belonging and identity. Climbing higher means going deeper, exploring wider, and being transformed by God.

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Climbers on the crest know this is where things in the Christian life begin to really impact the rest of our lives. Climbers are willing to sacrifice time, money, possessions, and even position in the world. We become intentional in our growth, the spiritual disciplines, and leading others by example. We own our sense of belonging in the church and the world, and we have a heart for God’s Kingdom to be expressed in the world and our own personal lives.

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The summit is where the metaphor breaks down. Reaching the Summit once doesn’t mean we’re done growing; we don’t really stay there in this lifetime. There’s always room for growth because God is just that big and infinite.

But we also believe we can experience the Summit here and now. With God’s help, we can experience the top of the mountain in this life. Summit moments are holy moments, when God’s grace is embodied and where the divide between this world and eternity seems thin. We hold fast to the hope that God is holding us, making us become more and more like the people we were originally created to be.

TUMC opportunities for those on the Summit:

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