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Memphis Conference
“We found that there was a need to have meals delivered, so we have folks sign up and we will deliver it" ` Pastor Brian Griffith #memphisconferenceumc #seeallthepeople #coronavirus #umc
Memphis Conference
What does THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH say about RACISM? #umc #memphisconferenceumc #seeallthepeople
What are one or two things that you can do to improve intentional disciple-making in your congregation? #SeeAllThePeople
Chuck Knows Church is back! He’s teaming up with #SeeAllThePeople to share a few simple ideas that your church can do to help your community during this time of crisis. Check back tomorrow, March 19!
How can your congregation better support those who are struggling with their faith? #SeeAllThePeople
Who is not being seen in our communities? In what ways can we #SeeAllThePeople?
"What is See All The People?" Watch to learn what #SeeAllThePeople is and how your congregation can be a part of this movement!

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Aldersgate Church focuses on growing disciples & serving community
The Rev. Erik Grayson is in his first appointment at Aldersgate UMC in North Charleston, S.C., and in those six years they have begun to see much fruit in their discipleship efforts. U+1F855
The Future of Discipleship
As we think about the future of discipleship, we can learn much from the African American church tradition. The love, the faithfulness, and the discipleship in the Black Church offer aspirational insight into how all of our church relationships can look.
Deliberate fundraising helps aging church make needed repairs
A large, old building and delayed maintenance. Our church faced the problems of many congregations. We needed work on the roof, tuck-pointing of the building’s stone walls, and repair of the bell tower. Initial estimates suggested the repairs would cost about $50,000. That was a huge amount for us.